Templates (skin packaging) - Despite its versatility and low cost, skin
packaging has one major drawback: Cycle times. Utilizing templates in the
loading stage can lead to much faster and more accurate skin packaging. A
simple template can be made from your existing board. Simply take a sheet
that has just been packaged with all pieces perfectly in place. Using a razor
knife, cut through the plastic and paper, leaving a hole in each position for
product placement. For extra durability and height, adhere the cut board to
a piece of corrugated with the same outside dimensions. This finished template
can be used by placing it over a new skin sheet. The products are placed in the
cut out holes, the template is then lifted off (in the case of side loading machines,
slide the whole assembly into the machine to help stop product movement and
then remove template) and a regular cycle is run. The use of templates will result
in a more uniform, and faster skin pack.