One of our favorite success stories is that of RMS Titanic, Inc. (RMST).   We were approached by RMST to help develop a package to sell necklaces that included pieces of coal salvaged from the wreck of the “Titanic” ocean liner.

They had initially been packaging the necklace in a plastic bag with a insert card, but were not happy with the look.   Our packaging experts designed a package that, because of it’s good looks and perceived value, was able to increase the selling price by a factor of 3!

The package is a fold over blister package.  The links of the necklace are sealed between the 2 layers of paper, with a seal around the perimeter of the package.  The pendant protrudes through an opening in the front of the card and gives the appearance that the necklace is hanging around the woman pictured on the front of the card.

The package won the Judges Award in the 15th Florida Print Awards.

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